Base informations

Since 1986 Rati has been recognized for its quality, reliability and continuous improvement in the European car accessory market. Furthermore, Rati is dedicated to moving away from mass production by aiming to be proactive, creative and determined.


  • No. of employees: 64 (2017)
  • Revenue: 4,619,574 EUR (2017)

„I have been leading Rati, as a second-generation family business since 2001. I consider Rati as a creative field, where I can generate value, accomplish ideas and take care of the community…” (Attila Rajnai, Owner & CEO)



In 2018 Rati was awarded a Silver Supplier Status Certificate of Excellence in recognition of outstanding service to Opel Vauxhall Customer Care and Aftersales.

In 2017 RATI was awarded as the Factory of the Year in category: Innovation. The judges emphasized the unique, irrespective product development process, where the starting point is always a real, existing consumer problem and the results are tested, off-the-shelf solutions.

In 2013 we were awarded a special prize as a multicoloured and family-friendly workplace.

In 2012 our efforts for environmental sustainability and reducing environmental footprint have been awarded with international recognition.


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OEM References

Rati produces car accessories which are developed in-house from the idea to the product. Besides ready-to-use and custom-made solutions, Rati also offers innovative lines for specific demands of OEM.

OEM advantages with Rati’s off-the-shelf products:

  • cost-efficient
  • lower capital investment
  • shorter implementation time
  • lower testing costs
  • brand specific customization options


Rati is proud to supply armrest for:  



Rati is proud to supply coat hanger for:

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Concept and design planning

Creative phase

The starting point of our product development process is customer’s problems. While real-life situations are examined, existing problems and needs are discovered. Based on trend and market research we also deal with current problems: how electric or self-driving cars and car sharing influence our travels.

Cross functional teams using design thinking are working together through a creative problem-solving process to arrive at the product concept.

Process phases: identifying target persons, problem analysis, listing needs, brainstorming, concept creation, prototype making and testing

Check out our in-progress concepts in the Products menu.



For us, innovation means making good better, even perfect. The ability to create something that has never been done before. Our philosophy is to develop our car accessories from the first idea to the product which is attractive for car manufacturers and for individual customers as well.

Rati’s expertise encompasses several years of development. Substantial usable knowledge has been gathered, from which future projects can benefit.


Product development


The next stop for our product concept is the designer table.

Designers awarded with RedDot prize are responsible for the aesthetics of the products, while experienced development engineers add content to the project.

The rigorous testing of the end products are carried out in our own lab and in other contractual labs as well.

Following a thorough selection process, we choose the most appropriate suppliers and begin mass production.


Our processes were built around general european automotive and safety regulations. Our products are tested in our own high-tech lab and in other third party, independent labs. We work with our suppliers following our own supplier manual/guide that ensures strong synergy between us.

Specific skills:

  • IMDS skill
  • operation according to REACH
  • use of DESIGN FMEA at designing
  • LEAN thinking
  • use of PROCESS FMEA in production
  • control plan
  • climate simulation
  • ECO, 5S, FIFO


The approved parts from our suppliers are assembled in the 700 m2 Rati plant. The capacity of production can be flexibly expanded according to the needs.


Our customers expect to be supplied with quality products exactly when they are needed. But this is not enough. For our industry as a whole, it is a constant challenge to find ways of delivering excellence at globally competitive prices. We must prepare for an accelerated pace of change and a volatile market environment.


Our flexible logistic system can handle one-piece orders as well as large quantity orders. For OEMs there is a dedicated EDI channel, for our distributors we have a direct B2B portal.

Specification of the logistic services:

  • warehouse floor area 515 m2
  • storage capacity 984 pallets


Our goal is to help you improve your competitiveness with first-class products.

How can you benefit from us?

  • successful products to sell
  • well known brand
  • market-leading armrests
  • OEM quality
  • 100% made in EU
  • 3 years warranty
  • in-store displays
  • flexible business models
  • marketing support
  • dedicated b2b portal


Business model

When you order you have the possibility to choose between two models:

  • Classic: bigger discount and better margin, full product range from your stock
  • Drop shipment: no need for large stock, full product range from our stock


If you are a retailer and you would like to buy Rati products, please contact us:

B2B Portal
We want to make it as easy as possible for you to work with us – that’s why we created a b2b portal for our trading partners. To enter this page, you need to be our business partner.

Benefit from the advantages of our B2B portal:

  • always accessible
  • automated price calculation
  • track and manage
  • warranty handling
  • up-to-date marketing materials
  • latest product news




What we believe in isn’t just cooperation, it’s synergy.

Supplier Management

We work with suppliers with whom we love to share the best of our knowledge in order for our innovative developments and our OEM standard products to be available on time in high quality and quantity. For this reason, we put together our Supplier Guideline which contains sustainable supplier policy.

Be part of our value creation, and be one of Rati’s best suppliers.

Working at Rati

Everything you do at Rati is characterized by

  • cooperation and innovation
  • acceptance
  • synergy
  • human and environmental sustainability
  • supportive working environment
  • advanced health programs.


We love this place!

It’s more than just a workplace. It’s a family-friendly and people-oriented public place, where all the opportunities of continuous renewal is provided. Where the balance of work and private life is fundamental. Where the care of a family business combined with the excitements of an ultramodern start-up gives us a real buzz.


We believe in you.
Give us a shout and show up.

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ISO Certificates:

ISO9001, ISO14001



Industrial building inspired by ENERGY DESIGN

The result of RATI’s greatest investment was opened at the end of 2012: a GREEN ENERGY PLANT. The innovative and eco friendly facility supports the company’s commitment to the environment.


  • using solar and geothermal energy and with natural ventilation
  • without gas consumption and without air-conditioners


  • building site 22.000 m2
  • building floor area 2530 m2 on three floors
  • assembly floor area 700 m2
  • warehouse floor area 515 m2
  • storage capacity 984 pallets


Environmental performance:

2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019